I am 52 53 in May I am Widowed a Year as of April this yearIt has been a Hard Year But My Life for the Last 10 years has been Very challenging In 2009 on my way home from work I was rearended by a ca

Theresaa: serious inquries only...
Procurando: Masculino idade 46 to 57
Status: 55 Divorciado Direto Fêmea
Interessado em: Relacionamento de longo prazo
Etnia: Branco/caucasiano
Vivo: Viver sozinho
Apanhador de Olhos: Olhos
Altura: 5'6 polegadas
Corpo: Grande e Incharge
Cabelo/olhos: Loiras, Cor misturada
Fumaça: Sim, eu fumo
Beber: Ocasionalmente
Exercício 4 vezes por semana
Política: Em cima do muro
Educação: Alguma faculdade
Religião: cristão
Renda: $15.001 a $25.000
Ocupação: Geriatrichospice Car
Descendência: Nenhum
Personalidade: No Answer
País: United States
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I am 52 53 in May I am Widowed a Year as of April this yearIt has been a Hard Year But My Life for the Last 10 years has been Very challenging In 2009 on my way home from work I was rearended by a car After a car pulled in front of me I was a a dead stop an she hit me they say 4550MPH She didnt just total my car but Me I was put in a drug induced coma for a month when they try to bring me out They realized from the meds given to me I was also in a Diabetic coma After another week I woke up IN HELL I was not able to do anything or remember anything or anyone I had Severe Neuropathy and injuries from accident cracked sternum and severely torn ligaments in both ankles an had to wear braces I was lifted by a machine for a Year an had to relearn everything All over againIt was a battle that My Family an the Man I spent the last 3 plus years with then to using a fork There was no standing or even feeling anything but pain in my legs for the 1st year My immune system went to Hell alsoI had a Team of Drs that did a procedurein HospitalI was in Hospitals an 3 different Nursing Homes by then I had IVIG done To boost my immune system an Drs hoped it would help with My neuropathy and pain levels an ability to get my nerves to fire in order for me to get feeling in my extremities Well it worked better then they imagined within 2 weeks I was able to start standing feeding myself etc unfortunately when my nerves did fire My pain levels went higher with medications an a drive from Me to get HomeThe Man with whom I was with those 3 plus years b4 accident NEVER gave up on me Was by my side the whole time Chris he fought with me to survive more then Anyone I did get home Still was in a wheelchair an Not able to walk but got Home an continued my fight to get as close to Normal as willingly possible In saying All that it has been a uphill battle since I still have residual injuries an have blocks of time in memory of times in My Life I dont recall but it is nothing compared to 2009 when I remembered Nothing I am a Stronger Woman for the trials an tribulations I have gone through Then I was hit with another blow that was Not imaginable The Strongest Man I have known Fell ill It only took 3 weeks of finding out till he passed away last year April 5th He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Stomach Cancer but it was so aggressive that cancer cells were already everywhere He was in Moffitt but they did All they could I have spent the Last Year grieving moving to a place close to town An adjusting My Life to a New situation and WorldI now Live by myself with my dog Weezy got her just b4 my accident an she has been withus Me sinceShe is a Dappled Datsun who thinks she is 2 still Well I have told you these things about me Not for Pity or to feel Sorry for me I have found a place in My Heart for Chris where he will Not be forgotten an may rest peacefully An as for my accident It should be known to Someone interested in me to know I am able to do things but I cant walk up steps I will never mountain bike or climb or even walk barefoot on a beach I just am being fair to a Man who may be lookin for a Woman who can do these things I use a Cane or walker for short basic things Like being at home I use a wheelchair still for long distance things because I cannot walk long distances But I still remained Me but Stronger at Heart I still Laugh A lot and enjoy Life BTW exersize to me is therapy Like now I recently had Carpal Tunnel surgery I have therapy 4 times a week to strengthen mya wrist etc I have to do a lot of things people wouldnt consider exercise but it is to me So Im not a go to the gym workout it is different for me I have a recumbent bike I use at home I use my wheelchair 3to 4 times a week to use my legs to exercise 2 plus miles I have low Vit D My body doesnt retain it So building muscle is Very difficult I have Never been thin well after HS I started gaining weight I figured cuz I played sports an did A lot more activities b4 I graduated then I started working a lot an less activities But come to find out MANY YEARS later like 25 years later it was my thyroid I take meds for it now but my weight still goes up an down due to medicine I am a chunkey Woman But I take care of me and am Happy with who I am an will be

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beableMy Ideal Mate is a Man who does Not concider me handicapped Who sees beyond what are things I cannot change but sees The Woman I am and my perseverance I Am a Very Honest and Truthful Woman and looking for the Same qualities in a Man I do Not like jealousy or an aggressive Man I am Very relaxed an a Trusting Woman If the Man Im with likes to hunt or fish with his friends or even alone I DONT blow up his phone wondering what he is doing or also going to games or if he has any other things he does that he enjoysI am All for it I dont think its wrong for a Man to do things wo me hanging on him just to know what he is doing All the timebut that is where the word Trust comes in I mean for REAL who wants to be with someone who when you 1st start seeing each other is already being mistrusted I Start a relationship with Full Trust If the Man wishes to break that Trust then he isnt the Man for me an I will Not continue with that relationship If you Truly want to be with someone there has to be Full Trust That is how a Unbreakable Foundation is builtWith Honesty an Trustwhich includes communication I believe a Man who Truly cares for a Woman an Knows she Trusts him unconditionally will Not break that Trust It will make him fonder of his Woman and Know that is a trait that is Hard to find and cherish it This is something that keeps that Foundation unbreakable I also believe it goes both ways The Man I am with needs to Truly Trust me I am Not 20 or 30 where we Live an Learn from mistakes made in Life I am in my early 50s an have found that going through Life No One is Perfect an even though we Live an Learn there will still be imperfections in a relationship But far less and Not Ones that communication cannot overcome That is why I would Never choose to be a Cougar lolI prefer a Man One who has also lived through Life an Learned an made himself even a better Man for that I would Love to find a Man who thinks and believes in what I do Who gets itI would like to meet a Man who still likes to go out sometimes an karaoke have some drinks Who wants to go an have that kind of fun One who smoke or doesnt mind someone who does Cuz I do an dont want to meet someone who doesnt like it I am not a chimney nor do I want to be with a Man who is But a smoker understands what I am saying I like a Man who enjoys cookingnot that I eat A lot but cooking can be fun an enjoy different kinds of foods ButI must ADD if you Are a Lover of Seafood I am Not the Woman for you I am allergic to Seafood An the smell of cooking itit stays in the House for days lol Y I understand people who dont smoke with a person who does The smell is in the house an lingersI myself have a couple air purifiers so my place doesnt smell like smoke No yellow walls etcDont mind a Man who is a bit OCD about a clean house an pitching in to keep it that way That is how I am I am Not Real Bad about it But I like a clean home an take care of my things I enjoy being Home chilling relaxing Have a few drinks at Home an listen to music I like ALL music except Elevator Music or Show Tunes Dont like Heavy Rap or to Much MetalOutdoor concerts are fun so is ocassionally going to the Casino I dont care much for going out to eat I like to see who is making my food an what it looked like b4 it was cooked or made


My Perfect Date with Someone would be If it were with someone I met online an we spent time getting to know each other enough to want to Meet Well that Date to me would be spent together In the same room finally Would want it to at least start by having the time to talk face to face to enjoy the feeling that everything said an felt has come to fruition an just taking it all in enjoying that time not in some crowded place but just together talking waiting for him to hold my hand an look into my eyes an know the feeling that started online Will end up being IRL I want him to Feel the same way Meeting for the 1st time Will be All the Bells and Whistles that I need for a 1st date an spending it together For instance At My Place listening to music we like talking ordering in dinner just breathing the same air in the same room hopefully having the same feelings an realizing that like many times we talked till the Sun started coming up online We did the same when we 1st met


Well I think I explained Most of these subjects in my other answers But I am SSDIS since my accident I miss work Very much 20 plus Years as a GeriatricHospice Nurse was a Very rewarding career I never considered it a job I learned so much about Life from the people with whom I was taking Care of in their last weeks of Life I am now on the other side of what I did I am now the one with disabilities but in the work that I did I learned so much It actually was a blessing an has been still in My Own Life Now

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